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Tuesday, 2 June 2015



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The material on this website is taken from external sources and from personal experience, dialogues with natives etc.
We would like to quote of main sources of inspiration and knowledge: the book "Hurra Po Polsku" and the website Polish Grammar in a Nutshell.
We strive to provide accurate information. However, in case of mistake, we kindly ask you to write us to contacts.


Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Welcome to this Polish Course

The content of the course

The aim of this Polish course is to learn the Polish language untill an A1 or A2 level according to the European reference standards for the learning of a foreign language.
This Polish course is structured in interactive lessons with explanations about grammar, pronounciation and at the end with interactive excercises which feature self-correction. The lexicon of the exercises is nothing else than the commonwords which are used for everyday conversations, in ths way, it will be easy to manage in little time to apply "on the field" Polish language. Besides practicing with the exercises, it would be very useful then to study also the translations of the different words from Italian to Polish.

Learn Polish language

Why have we decided to study Polish language?
  • For curiosity? There will be a lot to see...
  • To work? Thanks to languages it is possible to find a job even during the crisis period. Those who are interested in finding a job in Poland are advised to read this post(LINK)
  • For the money? Poland is a growing market $$$
  • For sentimental reasons? There no need to go deeper...
  • For masochism? Yes, then you are on the right way as Polish language is considered as one of the most difficult - but not impossible - languages of the world. On the other hand, they say learning another language increases a lot our IQ (a consolation for the hard work in the end).

Learning a language

In order to learn a language there are some tricks which make your life easier and your learning faster:

  • Always look at the half-full glass: it is obvious that you do not know completely a language, sometimes we even doubt if we speak correctly our mothertongues. However, it is very important to use proudly what we have learned, in this way we are satisfied and we are pushed to learn mre and to consolidate what we have already learned.
  • People who love chatting are more successful: to try in all way to express ourselves and to make sense, even by inventing words, is fundamental. Speaking with natives at any cost is a way to improve and perfect ourselves.
  • Make as much assiciations as possibe: building a house from zero is much harder than building a house close to the other, as some walls are already done. It is the same for languages: sometimes some structures look like each other, so maybe we have already studied them with another language.
  • Picture ourselves images: for most of the people it is easier to remember images and situations than to remember cold words written in a boring book.

After this is introduction there nothing else than wishing everybody GOOD LUCK!

For those who are looking for more lessons and audio files and videos, please visit Mowicpopolsku